Ekvium — Funges singularia creant

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We build a new world!

Ékvium is a technocratic community, free international association. Automation, building a network of effective people, fighting against poverty, bureaucracy and archaic habits, — these are our priorities. Why was Ekvium created? For you in the new world; that's incipient cloud of all world changes. Ekvium is a place where we know what future you are able to create, and where create it firstly.

How can we do that? What do we do that? What those who do are we? What to do for you? Welcome to FAQ:

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  • Build your free future

    Once upon a time a state had to have a defined terrytory. But the current technologies allows us to interact as a country being in different places of the world. Ekvium people are united not by territory, not by race or nationality, but by idea.

    Some time ago remote communication was unimaginable, now it became real. Some time ago electronic payments were unimaginable, now it became real. Ekvium makes full-fledged ex-territorial state become real. Our citizens will be free in a choice of a continent (and later — also a planet) to live.

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  • What will happen with the world's variety?

    Culture technocracy means rejection of the primitive way of expansive globalization which is current western world's way. Instead of that we offer using technological advances to globalize communication with saving identities of different cultures of the world. Saving the «architecture» of world's colorfulness. The civilization will fall if we lose it.

  • Ekvium's world tour with mission

    Last year we started a tribe — travelign around the world with a mission: those of us who wants to live in different parts of world now not as a tourist but as a resident, are travelling at a slow pace creating house-sized micro-colonies — first examples of our ex-territorial state that allows us to interact among ourselves.

    Now we are in South America. If you want to join the group, let us know by a form after registration.

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  • The Ultimate approach

    «Uncompromising technocracy» mean that we stop at nothing.

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  • DIY: Make Machines Capture the World

    How to Run Peer-to-peer Corporation that will run out of your control.
  • 13 communication tools recommended by Ekvium

    Modern and secure ways to transfer messages between ekviumists.
  • How not to become outdated?

    Black singularity. The safety of human meaning in the era of artificial intelligence. How are we mistaken about ourselves.
  • EkviNeuro: In the service of work unhumanizing

    Do you want to have an artificial intelligence in your project? It's unnecessary to tell how Ekvium feels about neural networks. Now we have a useful thing for you.
  • Asian world-trip-step

    The experiment continues. After the South American trip it's time for Asian step. Starting point is the Kingdom of Thailand. Rethinking the tribe.
  • Meeting Neoyear

    New Year, neoyear, neoannum. Looking what 2015 brings to us. Remembering what 2014 brought to us. Ekvisumming up. Rejoicing. Meeting the year. Getting off backside.
  • Роль Эквиума в истории цивилизации

    Проблема, стоящая перед человечеством, не нова в истории, но требует новых методов решения. Об участии Эквиума в нынешнем витке развития человечества.
  • Some familiar symbols on the Moscow's streets

    An almost mystical paper agitation, unusual selection of an audience, as well as the half-life of leaflets in Moscow.
  • Amazonian finish

    Последний пункт южноамериканского маршрута. Читайте отчет и присоединяйтесь к дальневосточному технотабору!
  • EkviGeo: hyperlocal interaction

    Some well-known nomadic peoples were effectively surviving because of being near each other. Now we have similar mechanism, multiplied by the modern technology.
  • Among the American Indians: Bolivia

    Exploring of the most authentic and original country of Latin America. Among Inca's and Maya's children.
  • Осознанные сновидения

    «Обнаружив свою знакомую в мусорном контейнере, первое и единственное, что я сделал — вручил ей лист бумаги и сказал, что чтобы она проверила, в реальности ли находится...»
  • Mountain trilogy: Mendoza, Puente del Inca, Santiago

    The three new points of the world tour. At the end of the world, or What's it like to be in a place where one step could be a step to the end of surrealism?
  • Website by genetic algorithm?

    Split-testing, website by genetic algorithm without human intervention. Let's reproduce the evolution.
  • Continue, Mr. Uruguay

    Short visit to the city and suburbs of charming Uruguay. What's about Uruguay?
  • Hinge mechanism and purpose of everything

    Premiss: Hinge mechanism to forge signatures. Let's continue: everything is alive, everyone wants the same and affected by the same selection criteria, whether a piece of air or human. Let's talk about the all systems evolution.
  • Мощь славяноформ

    Первое березня (1 марта) было установлено на Эквиуме днем родного словообразования, «партийным праздником». Конвертер — совращатель, ГМО — родомеродельные орудия. О чем это?
  • Наша внутренняя структура

    Для эффективного взаимодействия Эквиум имеет внутреннюю социальную структуру. В статье описано, в частности, что означают все эти разноцветные квадратики на страницах аккаунтов.
  • First point of the Ekvium's world tour

    World travelling started before New Year 2014. Technotribe is coming...
  • Happy Ekvium Anniversary!

    В 100 раз больше участников за прошедший год, а также прочие итоги...
  • Как спать 2 часа в сутки и быть бодрым?

    Времени едва хватает на работу, а так хочется насыщенной жизни: почитать книгу, встретится с любимым человеком? Используя технологию полифазного сна, вы добавляете 6 часов к своей активной жизни! Вы все еще думаете, что спать 2 часа в сутки и при этом быть бодрым невозможно? Тогда мы идем к вам!